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Kevin Bongers

Kevin Bongers

Creative Technologist



I have loved technology my whole life. I enjoy discovering how things work, and pushing the edge of what’s possible. I’m pragmatic, which helps me guide clients and colleagues to help build a strong foundation on every project. Building that foundation is key to ensure each project can support growth and development over time. Teaching students at Globe University helped me hone my ability to explain complex technical concepts in a way anyone can grasp.

Helping people make awesome things is the most enjoyable part of what I do. I have a keen eye for user experience and take pride in making sure things are built right, the first time.


What drives you?
I am passionate about good semantic code. To me, looks count, not just in the browser but in the editor. I find it imperative to always write code that is easy to read and has a file structure that makes sense. Doing things the right way can take a little longer up front, but always pays off in the end.
What's one thing everyone should know about you?
I am an unapologetic Packers fan living in Minnesota. I love most sports and can speak to just about all of them, but nothing gets me more excited than talking to another Packers fan. I get to as many games as I can afford and never pass up a chance to wear my gear.
What brings out your best?
I'm at my best when I have the opportunity to get in on a ground floor. I love exploring new ideas and figuring out the best way to bring them to life. When my back is against the wall and there's a problem to solve, I rise up and shine for the occasion.